Impact Windows

Impact Windows are one of the best options to protect your home or business.

In Florida, impact windows are very important due to hurricane protection. This type of window offers protection from very strong winds and the airborne debris that comes with it because they have a PVB interlayer between two layers of glass that delivers a strong binding glass with optical clarity. To make sure the glass is made of the greatest quality and can be certified as impact resistant, the windows endure missile testing with a piece of lumber. Our lines of high impact windows act like sunscreen to your house, blocking the damaging UV rays without noticeably reducing visible light, which is great for people who enjoy natural lighting in their homes. If you live in a busy intersection and just want some peace and quiet when you get home, this can also be a great option since impact windows block external noise considerably.

But these aren’t the only advantages we offer with the purchase of this product. With impact windows you can also count on a deterrent from burglars. Statistics say that one third of burglars will gain entry through a window, while the remaining two thirds will get in through an insecure door. Having impact windows and doors installed in your house can offer you the extra time your alarm system needs to advise the police in case of a break-in. This obviously doesn’t mean impact windows are a 100 % guaranteed security from break-ins but they will give burglars a harder time getting in.

Impact Window Advantages:

  • Better Sun Protection
  • Better Ventilation
  • Strong / Break-in Proof
  • Increases Home Value
  • Versatile Design
  • Reduces Outside Noise
  • No More Plywood or Shutters!

Types of Impact Windows:

  • Single Hung
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Horizontal
  • Sliding Glass
  • Stained
  • Beveled
  • and more…
Impact Windows

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