Impact glass for your home

Impact glass for your home

Impact glass for your home

Owning a home provides you freedom and pride. But home ownership also comes with responsibility. This is why homeowners must take steps to ensure the security and maintenance of their home. If you are residing in an area that is often hit by hurricanes or storms, then you need to take extra care. To protect your property, we suggest you use impact glass for your home. Impact glass can be used for your home windows and doors that can protect you and your family against storms. Let’s have a look at the reasons why impact glass doors and windows can work best for your home.

Protection against hurricanes

South Florida is most vulnerable to storms and hurricanes. Impact glass windows and doors are less prone to break and crack in severe weather conditions. This type of glass is less likely to shatter during the hurricane season. If you are having kids and pets at home, then you will never want your glass windows to shatter in extreme weather conditions.

Impact-resistant doors will also protect your home from twigs and other objects that are likely to enter your home with high-speed winds. Whenever a glass window breaks, rainwater also comes in that may cause damage to your floors and walls. Considering all these factors, it can be said that impact glass windows are better than hurricane shutters. Unlike hurricane shutters that require frequent removal and installation, impact-resistant windows are ready to be installed instantly.

Better security

Impact glass windows provide enhanced security. Majority of the burglars enter the home through windows or doors by simply breaking them. But with impact-resistant windows and doors, you don’t need to worry about theft or break-in as breaking them is difficult because they are made with several glass layers. Since impact glass windows don’t break easily, robbers will not target your home.

Decrease noise pollution

Outside noise from neighborhood and road may frustrate you at the time when you are trying to sleep. There can be a variety of noises, including traffic, vehicle doors slamming, and dogs barking. These noises may also disturb you during the day time when you are trying to read a book or watching a TV program. Fortunately, impact glass doors and windows can reduce these noises from coming inside your home. It’s because impact glass windows incorporate a polyvinyl membrane in the middle of two glass sheets. This material plays a key role in absorbing noise. So, you can enjoy spending time at home both day and night without getting disturbed from outside noise.

Decrease cooling costs

Summer months in South Florida are quite humid and hot. So air conditioning becomes a necessity to get relief from high temperatures, but it can get costly. Your electricity bills can be sky-high during the summer season but with impact glass windows, you can reduce your electric bills.
Increase the home resale value

Buyers always look for advanced security and structural features when buying a home. Items like foundation, windows, roof, and electricity have a huge effect on a home’s safety. This is why you must install impact glass windows to increase your home resale value.

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