Commercial Impact Glass

Commercial Impact Glass

Commercial Impact Glass

Ensuring your commercial property’s security and safety brings a great source of pride to your business. Owning a commercial property comes along with the responsibility of maintaining and securing against the crime and weather conditions. Weather is extremely unpredictable in the area of South Florida. Considering the extreme weather conditions, it is important to protect your commercial property with up to dated equipment. The consideration of commercial impact glass for the windows and doors of your commercial property is a great heavy-duty solution.

Commercial services:

Considering the roughness and constant changes in the weather, the commercial properties can’t be left in the hurricanes. The usage of impact glass for your commercial property is crucial. From the grocery store, office, and commercial shops, the installation of commercial impact glass can help in ensuring the preventive measures to keep it safe from the dangerous weather.

Why choose impact glass for commercial property?

Impact glass is a smart choice for your commercial property to avoid any weather based damage. It adds to the security of your property, as the laminated impact glasses are extremely hard. Thus, it reduces the chances of any theft and break-in. The impact glass provides a protective barrier against a hurricane, storm, burglary and, debris. It provides a hard time for the burglars to enter. The usage of impact glass also provides protection from the Ultraviolet radiation that reduces sun damage. In this way, the structure of your commercial property is protected from the UV damage.

Benefits of Impact Glass

Here are some of the benefits of the impact glass that makes it a must for your commercial property.

  • Energy efficient: Impact glass is energy efficient that ensures strong insulation and binding. The PVB interlayer increases the insulation by reducing the thermal conduction of the glass. In this way, the selection of the right glass for your commercial area can help in saving the energy to a large extent.
  • Reduce noise pollution: Commercial area comes along with a lot of noise disturbance. A car door slamming, traffic, and other commercial building increases noise pollution. All of this reduces the concentration to the work. The usage of impact glass can help dampen the noise. The usage of the polyvinyl membrane between the sheets of glass can help in absorbing noise.
  • Reduce cooling cost: In extremely hot weather, the usage of the air conditioner provides relief. However, the commercial electric bill gets higher. The multilayer of impact glass can help in reducing the solar heat. It can also seal the heat in your home in extremely cold temperature.
  • Increase security and resale value: The resale value for your commercial property can increase through considering the impact glasses. Buyers always prefer durable material utilized in the property. Other than that, it also adds to the security of your place through better layers of glass.

Which company to choose?

In case you want to get impact glass installed for your commercial property, consider the services of Ctc Impact Windows and shutters. Our professional and highly qualified team understands the need of the client along with providing immediate quotes on a single call.

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