Benefits of Impact Glass During Hurricane Season

Benefits of Impact Glass During Hurricane Season

Benefits of Impact Glass During Hurricane Season

Living in South Florida has certain perks. Here the weather remains warm throughout the year and beautiful sandy coasts are spread alongside the ocean shore. This region is popular for its tourist attractions, which are also enjoyed by locals. Besides these benefits, this region is also recognized for its hurricane season. Regrettably, Florida often gets struck by devastating storms and hurricanes. So to cope up with the hurricane season, one needs to take some measures to protect their properties from storms and hurricanes. One of these measures is to install impact glass doors and windows in their home.

Impact glass has glazing of +105/-130 that can resist up to 110 miles per hour hurricane winds. During hurricane season, homeowners can get several benefits if they have installed impact glass doors and windows in their home. Following are some of the key benefits of impact glass during hurricane season.

Hurricane protection

The foremost benefit of installing impact glass windows and doors is protection against the hurricane.

Impact glass has proved to be incredibly resistant to storms and hurricanes. Majority of these doors and windows are made up of many layers of impact glass that can stop up to 110mph windows. In this way, impact glass makes the breakage and shattering almost impossible. Having impact-resistant windows and doors not just keep you protected from hurricanes, but also prevent robberies.The older homes are more prone to hurricane damage that is why they need windows and doors upgrades. In Florida, new homes are constructed by keeping in mind the hurricane dangers. These homes are likely to fulfill coastal building codes. These building codes are revised after every 5 years. So, the homeowners must upgrade their windows and doors to avoid structural damage if they are living in older homes. Impact doors and windows will let you have complete peace of mind, even during hurricane season.

Debris protection

Debris is likely to fly during hurricane season. Ordinary windows and doors cannot resist high-speed windborne debris, and may eventually break. Once broken, the windborne debris is likely to enter your home and will cause damage to your belongings and interiors. Impact glass can withstand pressure from windborne debris and thus stops its entry inside the home. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install impact glass windows and doors to protect your home from hurricane damage.

No more future repairs

Last year, the residents of Florida claimed approximately $8 billion for property damage after hurricane season. Even though the homeowners took certain precautions such as laying down sandbags and closing hurricane shutters, but the damage was unstoppable. According to the chief meteorologist of Miami (John Morales), homeowners must have taken more precautions to reduce the claim of future repairs. He said storm impact doors and windows can prove to be very useful during hurricane season. So, you can say goodbye to your future repairs if you choose Coast to Coast Windows and Shutters for your impact glass doors and windows installations.

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